“Be Sure to Talk to Lots of Strangers!”

22 Feb
Valentine's I made for some friends.

Valentine’s I made for some friends.

Dear family and friends,

Happy Valentine’s Day! This one was great. Lots of missionaries get sad that they don’t have anybody around this time of year but I say, hey! Valentine’s Day is about love, not necessarily romance. And there are lots of people I love, so I was glad to get to express that to them.
The elders got Sister Lancaster and me a little heart box of chocolates (I’m pretty sure their moms put them up to it). Mine had a picture of a pirate on it and said “You Arr a Treasure!” Haha I loved it. I also made crafty valentines for people in the ward.
And last but not least, on the way to English class last night, we were walking and I saw a bunch of red roses, just lying on the sidewalk! They were perfectly fine, so I picked them up, thinking I could find someone to give them to. I was so excited about free roses that I completely missed the miserable man sitting on the porch, crying, with his bags packed. I’m pretty sure he had just gotten kicked out, and the roses were thrown for dramatic effect, so…. oops? :) Oh well. Recycled love. Cocoa cola would be proud of me.
We got a super cool text this week from one of the elders in our zone, Elder Fusco. He said “Make good choices and be sure to talk to lots of strangers!” I love it, because that’s exactly what we do as missionaries. We talk to everybody we meet, and I love that! :)
This has been a pretty low-key week. I’ve still been feeling sick and down, so I’m not really sure what the future holds. More news to come next week.
I love you all a LOT! Thanks for all of the support and love. :)
Con amor,
Hermana Rogers
Swish and flick!

Swish and flick!

Every rose has it's thorns.

Every rose has it’s thorns.

Spanish Conversation hearts

Spanish Conversation hearts

Valentine's Day candy from the Elder's

Valentine’s Day candy from the Elder’s

Elder Bartlett

Elder Bartlett







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