Just Another Week in Paradise!

10 Jan
Hermana Guida- Now that's a slice of pizza! And I thought everything was bigger in Texas?

Hermana Guida- Now that’s a slice of pizza! And I thought everything was bigger in Texas!

Hermana's hat- Ruski style

Dear family and friends,

Well, I’m not sure which sorceress in disguise I accidentally offended on the streets of New York, but I’m pretty sure I did, because I am sick AGAIN! I was just sick when I was up in Yonkers, but it got me again. I have a horrible, no-good, very bad cold. :( I’ve had it since Monday and it’s kind of getting worse daily… so pray for me!

This weekend, we did a few really cool things. On Friday, our whole zone went down to the 96th St. subway station and did an “area proselyting focus” aka where we all get together and focus on talking to people in a certain area. Our focus was to get out as many Book of Mormons as possible to people. It was so cool! I handed out two in one minute, had one guy come back and get another copy for his friend, and pretty much talked to every person I could! It was super neat.
Then on Saturday, we went down to Far Rockaway to do some more service. Unfortunately, it wasn’t much manual labor that we ended up doing, mostly some survey-type stuff. But it was still a good experience! It was great to get together with the other missionaries and meet the kids from the South mission as well.
So, to end up, I’ll just share this really cool experience that we had on Monday night. During the day on Monday, I felt sooo crummy. I got a blessing and we went home and I took a little nap. When I woke up, I was feeling a lot better, so we decided to go out and put up some flyers for English class. After we ran out of flyers, we started looking for a building to knock. We tried a couple, but we couldn’t get in. Then we looked at a list that we had of less-active members in the ward and picked one that was close to where we were and went to try to visit him.
Upon arriving, we were met by his two parents, who we assumed were members after they told us that they were (PS “members” means different things to different people… but I found that one out the hard way!) The son went into his room, so we ended up teaching the parents. The lesson was super random and all over the place, so it was weird when I felt like I needed to share the Word of Wisdom/ make sure they remembered it… turns out that they weren’t because they didn’t know what it was… because they weren’t members…. Oh my goodness, I felt so silly. Here I was talking to them about the covenants they had made at baptism, and “Remember the questions you had to answer when you got baptized?” That’s when they were like, “Oh no, we’ve never been baptized. Just our son.” It was a d’oh! moment. Yikes! But it was okay, because we got a return appointment set up and hopefully we can continue teaching them! But definitely one of the more embarrassing moments of my mission.
Anyways, after teaching this couple, we decided to knock the whole building. It was awesome, because we got like 4 appointments set up!! It was just an awesome night, and I was so grateful that I could keep my head up without getting dizzy. It was definitely a miracle.
The next day, however, my cold had taken a nasty turn, and I’m still in it’s prickly grasps. Hopefully I’ll be able to kick it in the butt though.I love you all! Have a wonderful week.
Sister Rogers



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