Happy New Year!!!

3 Jan

Dear family and friends,

This is my first email from 2013! Woohoo! :) We had quite a week. It was great. Let me just say, and I know I’ve said it before, but I LOVE MANHATTAN! Every day when I walk outside, I say a silent prayer of thanks to be in this wonderful city. Gosh, I just love it. It’s hard to explain why. I just do :)
We Love NY More Than Ever

We Love NY More Than Ever

Part of it is that our whole district (all three pairs of missionaries of us)  are in the same ward! So that equals us being really close and ends up making us really unified. I really do love my district. They’re some of the best elders I’ve ever served with! They’re so kind, and they’re ONE of a kind. Let me give you the skinny on them:
Elder Wilsher: He’s the Brit. His family moved here from England right before he started high school, so he’s got a LEGIT accent. He’s freaking hilarious and he’s super sweet.
Elder Scaife: Companions with Elder Wilsher, both of them are our Zone Leaders. Elder Scaife has great taste in books and movies and is a great conversationalist.
Elder Sorenson: Aka Elder “Fix It!” He is super great at fixing problems. He’s fixed a couple of broken jewelry pieces for me, and is always willing to serve. He’s awesome!
Elder Bartlett: He’s just crazy. Knows the scriptures SUPER well and will tell you things straight up.
It’s a nice little mix, eh? I love them. ESPECIALLY because they’re just hilarious. They pranked us SUPER bad on New Year’s! They came to our door and stacked up all of these red and blue plastic cups, some of them filled with water, others with confetti, and even taped it on the other side of the door so that if it fell, it would fall into us when we opened the door. LUCKILY I am a boss and was able to dismantle it without any harm of any kind to Sister Lancaster or myself. Yeah. That’s right. :) The pictures are pretty funny. :)
New Year's prank from the Elders

New Year’s prank from the Elders

They are also super creative, these elders. This Saturday there was a baptism! The English elders had one and so did some of our elders. But there was a teensy little problem… the hot water stopped working! Or rather, the faucet handles were mislabeled (but they didn’t figure that out until it was too late!) So, what did they do? They go to the kitchen, find this HUGE pot- you could call it a cauldron, really- and filled it with hot water from the sink, then hauled it over to the font and dumped it in. It was super great.
Filling the font with hot water

Filling the font with hot water

Singing at the baptism

Singing at the baptism

What else did we do for New Year’s? Well, nothing too interesting. We had to be in early (and thank goodness, because it was LOCO outside!) Sister Lancaster and I picked up some Domino’s pizza and some soda and made a night of it… we stayed up, ate, I did some crocheting, and then went to bed early. Yeeeep. I wish I could say I was just kidding. Haha, but that’s the life of a missionary, right? You wouldn’t expect anything less of me :)

Note to Mom- "That's right Mom-Hawaiian! Your picky eater is growing up!"

Note to Mom- “That’s right Mom-Hawaiian! Your picky eater is growing up!”

Dr. Pepper and Domino's Pizza. Not exactly Times Square, but this is how we do it!

Dr. Pepper and Domino’s Pizza. Not exactly Times Square, but this is how we do it!

In other news, we went to the temple today! Then we went to the 9/11 memorial, which was super somber. There’s a very special spirit there, like of reverence and respect. The new freedom tower that they’re building looks AMAZING. I was super impressed.

South Manhattan Freedom Tower

South Manhattan Freedom Tower

Anyways, that’s about all that’s new to report. Oh yeah, and I TURN 22 THIS MONTH! On the 22nd, no less. It’s my golden birthday! Woohoo. :)
Well, I love you all lots and lots.
Con amor,
Hermana Rogers



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