Christmas Surprise!!

20 Dec
Christmas with the Rockettes!

Christmas with the Rockettes!

Dear family and friends,
Happy Christmas season, otra vez! I have somewhat exciting news. Shocking, really. I’M BEING TRANSFERRED! Today, in fact. In like three hours. I stayed up late with my roommates last night packing… it was such a nightmare! Hahaha but I was glad to have the help. So, where am I going, you might ask? I’m going BACK TO THE CITY! Just to a different part. I will be going to North Manhattan, Inwood, to be specific. This change was completely and totally unexpected. Since Sister Major is going home in a week, we figured that I would for sure be staying here in Yonkers to take over the area. However, we got “shot calls” on Sunday night and were told that we are being whitewashed! (Which basically means that they’re putting two new missionaries in instead of leaving at least one who has been in the area. The big shocker is that Sister Richey (who JUST left one transfer ago, after being here for 6 months) and Sister Taylor, my trainer (who served in Yonkers for 3 transfers at the beginning of her mission) are the ones who will be coming back! So they both know the area, they both are super loved by the ward, and everything is working out just the way that it needs to. I was a little bummed at first because I had really been looking forward to spending Christmas here, but now that the shock has worn off, I’m just excited! I’m excited to go back to the city– I LOVE the city. Have I mentioned that?! I’ll be serving with Sister Lancaster, who is a brand new missionary that just came in last cycle. I’ve talked with her a bit and she seems super amazing, so I’m wayyy excited to get to serve with her!
So yeah, Christmas surprise, right?! Haha so crazy. But I really am looking forward to serving in a new area and getting to know the people there. I hear that Inwood is Dominican land… like a mini DR right in New York. The accents might kill me, but I’m determined to keep my Spanish pure and clear. (It’s this weird OCD thing I have! Haha) I’m super pumped though. I said goodbye to my favorite people here and I’ve got plans to keep in touch with them. I’m sad I was only here in Yonkers for 3 months, but I’m grateful for the time that I have had here. I love these people! The great thing about the mission is that there will always be new people to meet and to love. :) I, for one, can’t wait. Leaving Yonkers was way easier than leaving Harlem– I think I’m finally getting used to all the changes that are part of the life of the missionary. I’m getting better at adjusting to change! So that’s happy.
Well, we’re off to Transfers Meeting soon. I’m excited for this new chapter! :) I’ll keep you all posted about how my first (and only) Christmas in the mission goes. I love you all! :)
Con amor,
Hermana Rogers

One Response to “Christmas Surprise!!”

  1. Great Aunt Veronica Rogers Bailey December 21, 2012 at 4:49 PM #

    Gosh Grand Niece, Kelly…how wonderful. I’m so proud of you and hope we can meet someday. What wonderful life experiences you’re having. Imagine…this little girl from Austin {?} living in the Big Apple and doing so much good. You are truly blessed. Your father is Glen, right?

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