13 Dec
Twinkle lights from Mama. Now it's Christmas!

Twinkle lights from Mama. Now it’s Christmas!

Dear family and friends,
Happy holidays! The holiday season is in full swing, and I couldn’t be more in love with Christmas. (como siempre!) I love the lights, the smiles and just the general feeling in the air. It’s just wonderful. Sister Major’s mom sent us a package for the 12 days of Christmas. There’s different wrapping on every gift and there’s a code sheet for which present we open which day. There’s a present for each of us! Sister Major’s mom even made us Christmas pillowcases with our names embroidered on them! So cool. I also got an AMAZING package from my mom filled with Christmas crafting goodies :) She knows me so well. I LOVE CHRISTMAS! :)
This weekend, we had a boda! (wedding) A couple in our ward got married and it was so great! We helped them set up the tables in the chapel and set up the decorations and I even helped decorate the cake! It was so great. It was a huge party and we even had an investigator show up! It was basically a ward activity. :) My whole mission I’ve wanted to help plan a boda! So I can finally check that one off my mission bucket list.
I continue as a sickling… this cold I’ve got is the cold that just keeps on giving… slash taking all of my energy and health! Haha it’s not as bad as that, but it’s just a little annoying to be hacking away all the time. It was especially fun when I had to speak in church this last Sunday! :) Luckily I got through it without coughing up a lung, so I was very grateful for that.
Also, last night, we had our second Noche de Amistad (night of friendship) at the chapel! It was so so great. We had a message about Christmas, and a lot of our people from English class showed up! Our activity was making Gingerbread houses! We put the people into groups and they had a little contest, and we judged them. We gave them funny names, like “The House that Hurricane Sandy Visited” or “Most Creative Use of Materials” or “The Man Cave.” Everybody had such a great time. I think the ward is really starting to love these nights where we all come together. It’s also helping us gain the trust of the members, which I love. I love them and I want them to trust us and get excited about missionary work in our area. We have a big planning meeting coming up this Saturday, so we’re super pumped about that.
Today was a pretty awesome P-Day. We went down into the city and went to Rockefeller Center and took some Christmas pictures. We went down to Chinatown with President and Sister Morgan as well- so fun! It was awesome.
Anyways, I hope everyone is having a wonderful Christmas season! I love you all. :)
Con amor,
Hermana Rogers
Giant twinkle lights!

Giant twinkle lights!

Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree!

Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree!



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