Happy Thanksgiving!! :) Dia de Pavo!

22 Nov

Turkey… with platanos (from Dia de Pavo) SO DOMINICAN. Love it.

Dearest family and friends,
Happy Thanksgiving! I can’t believe this much time has passed. It’s almost Christmas, for crying out loud, and I’m already past my halfway mark. How crazy is that? Time really does fly. This week, we celebrated Thanksgiving as a ward, in our “Dia de Pavo,” or “Turkey Day!” Everyone brought lots of food and we had a big ole fiesta. It was fantastico! There was awesome Latin music playing, (which is my new favorite, by the way!) and it was just so lovely to be with all the people in the ward and to spend some good quality time with them. Tomorrow, we’ll be heading to a couple of members’ houses to have some lunch and dinner. It should be super great.
Last week for P-Day we went to Chinatown! It was quite an interesting experience. We had an elder with us who served in South Manhattan for a long time, so he showed us all the best places. We went and got real, genuine dumplings, plus some Bubble Tea stuff (that wasn’t really tea, it was more like a slush). The shopping was fabulous, and I’ve discovered that I have a new weakness: Scarves. I can justify buying them, though, because it’s starting to get really cold! And you’ve got to have scarves to stay warm, right? :) I especially love the infinity ones, the scarf that’s all one thing, cause that way it just covers your whole neck and you don’t have to be fixing it constantly. In fact… this week, I picked up a new hobby! Or at least, a skill that I’m trying to develop: crocheting! I know, I know, it sounds like an old lady thing. And maybe it is! But I don’t care :) We have this crocheting expert in our ward, and after she showed me a lot of her projects and how cute they were, I got inspired. Why whip out lots of money to pay for a scarf when I can make one, and develop a new skill in the process? I’ve actually gotten pretty far on it, but it’s still not as long as I want it to be yet, but I’ll take pictures when I’m done. :)
We got news that we’re going to go down to Queens again this Friday and Saturday to help out, which I’m really grateful for. I feel so far away and whenever we get the chance to help, we jump at it!
It’s been awhile since I’ve done a Missionary: True Life moment. So, here’s the skinny on the type of AWKWARD MOMENTS: Bathroom Edition that I personally have experienced in the day to day mission life. I have other awkward moments/ situations that I will share in future emails. :)
  • Locked in the Bathroom. This is one of my personal favorites, and actually happened pretty recently. We went to a member’s house and I had to go to the bathroom really bad, so I told the lady whose house it was that I was going, and then I headed straight for it. It wasn’t until I had pulled the door behind me and the doorknob fell OFF when I realized what had happened. She had tried to tell me in Spanish before I went in that it was broke, but I guess I was kind of “in the zone” and missed it. So here’s me on one side of the door, trying to find a way out, while they’re barking orders at me in Spanish, using words I either don’t know or can’t remember because I’m so stressed. Don’t worry, I got out alive– but it’s definitely a story I will remember :)
  • No toilet paper. This is one that used to get me all the time. You ask to use the bathroom, walk in, and discover that there is no TP. What do you do? Well first, you look around really thoroughly and make sure you haven’t missed it. When that doesn’t work, you go out and awkwardly ask if they have TP or you just stay in there long enough, flush the toilet, then come out and just end up holding it. I’ve done both. :) It used to be a bigger thing when I was new in the mission and a little shy, but now, I just walk right out and tell them that there isn’t any toilet paper, and it isn’t a big deal. :)
  • Can’t find the light in the bathroom. There’s this one house… for the last two times I’ve went in, I haven’t been able to find the light! I came out this last time and they finally showed me where the light was… it was really embarrassing. But everybody’s got different lights, you know? Some people have them on chains, some with switches, and they’re always in the wrong place. Always.
  • Emergency Potty Breaks. This is something that happened a lot to me in the city, and it was much worse there because stores just don’t have bathrooms in them. You have to go to a member’s house and ask to use theirs… and then you have to stay and talk with them so they don’t think you’re just using them for their bathroom. Here, however, I had the most embarrassing emergency potty break of my LIFE… and yes, I am swallowing my scruples and sharing it for the sake of the integrity of this blog, and of course for your entertainment. So once upon a time, we were in the eternal gas line that never ended. (Yep, that recent.) And I had to use the bathroom really bad. Like I’m talking considering-going-in-a-ziploc-bag bad. My companions didn’t know what to do. Finally I couldn’t do it anymore. I got out of the car and approached a man who was standing in his front yard and asked him, “Is this your house?’ “Yeah.” “Can I use your bathroom please??” The poor guy didn’t even have electricity in his house, but he let me go. It was a miracle. But my companions didn’t let me forget it.. they teased me for quite a few days afterwards. :)
Well, I hope you’ve enjoyed this week’s episode of Missionary: True Life. I hope this inspires you all to be so grateful for the awkward bathroom moments you don’t have to face on a daily basis :) Happy Thanksgiving!! :D
Sister Rogers

Little kids playing with balloons at Dia de Pavo!

Chillin’ with Homer Simpson in Chinatown, NYC.



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  1. Helena Marko November 22, 2012 at 8:04 PM #

    Hey Kelly, Guess what? I got stuck in a Porty Potty when I went to see the Pope a long time ago with your Grampa Jack. They had to get a worker with a crowbar to open the door. Long story, tell you about it sometime. Love you

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