It Doesn’t Rain, but HURRICANE!!!

8 Nov

Sleepy Hollow in the Fall. Look at all these colors! Halloween 2012
(before Hurricane Sandy)

My dearest family and friends,
It has been a CRAZY, crazy, crazy last week or so. Even though we didn’t get hit by the hurricane too terribly badly (at least, not as bad as other places), there are still lots of things to take care of in the aftermath. We were out of power from Monday until Thursday, but then we were fine after it came back. There are trees that have fallen over, HUGE trees– it’s seriously shocking. Probably the biggest thing we’ve had to deal with aftermath-wise is gas. There have been really really long gas lines! There was some kind of a gas shortage (we still don’t have all the information about why) but we ended up having to wait in line for 2 hours just to get gas (other people had it worse! I’ve heard tales of 3-4 hour lines) Everybody was just going crazy. It kind of felt like the end of the world for awhile there! People were driving nuts, it was just loco. But today was the first time that there haven’t been gas lines, so I think it’s evening out. Thanks for the update about Grandma/ NJ folks! I’ve been worried about them, wondering how they’ve been doing. New Jersey got hit way worse than us.
Because of the gas shortages and problems with the subways in south man, we haven’t been able to really get out and do service in other places because we simply don’t have a way to get there! President has had mothers calling him and yelling at him on the phone because he hasn’t sent us out to help– the thing is, it’s out of his jurisdiction! We go when we are called. They have to organize everything first– it’s going to be months of clean up though, from what we hear, so we’ll definitely get a chance to help, I’m sure. Poor President. Everybody in the mission has gotten electricity back except for the Mission home, where he and his family live. Bummer, right?

However, now there is a pretty big snow storm outside, even as I write this, so it’s possible we’ll get “grounded” as they say so that we don’t go out and drive in the dangerous weather. It just never ends! Haha. It’s always something. Sister Major and I got into a teensy little fender bender (we’re FINE, nobody was hurt, not even a little), but we had to have some elders come and help us change our tire, and then we had to get a new one. See what I mean? Everything’s been crazy lately.
Speaking of companions, today is TRANSFERS! Sadly, we have lost Sister Richey. She has been transferred to the Bronx, to open up a completely new area and to train a brand new missionary! Sister Major and I will be staying together here in Yonkers, which we’re really happy about. Me, in particular. I wasn’t ready to leave Yonkers. There’s still a lot of work to be done here. :) Plus, I absolutely love the people. They are awesome! We’re trying to figure out who’s going to be the driver– Sister Richey did it before. We’re not sure what’s going to happen, so we’ve kind of been taking turns– mostly because I am not super comfortable driving in the snow. We’ll see what happens.
We’ve got a baptism this Saturday! So super exciting. Juan, the husband of one of our members, will be getting baptized and we could not be happier! He is such an awesome guy– super jolly, really positive and really active. He’s great. The members are so good at getting together and supporting each other. Last night, we had our first “Noche de Amistad” (Which is basically a noche de hogar, Harlem-style, they just wanted to call it a noche de amistad, which means night of friendship). It was SO successful! So many people showed up and had a lot of fun. We had students there from English class, we had kids, adults, teenagers, EVERYBODY. We had a little lesson, played a fun game and everybody had a good time. Several people came up to us and were like, “We should have this every month!” And we’re like, “Guess what? We are! :)” Haha. Gotta love it. People just love activities and coming together. It’s a great thing.
So anyways, that’s what’s up! Not too much to report besides that. Hopefully this week calms down a little as we get our feet under us and adjust to some of the changes. I’m including pictures from last week when we went to the famous Sleepy Hollow Cemetery for Halloween! :) It was a lot of fun.
Well, I love you all and hope that you stay safe and warm this week!
Sister Rogers

One Response to “It Doesn’t Rain, but HURRICANE!!!”

  1. Michelle Stout November 8, 2012 at 4:46 AM #

    I’m so glad Kelly is doing well. Love her positive attiitude! She will help lift everyone else through this challenge. Thanks for sharing her letters!

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