Awesome Things- Baptisms, a Visit From an Apostle, a Trip to the Temple, and Touring the Big Apple!

25 Oct

Jose’s Baptism!

Dear family and friends,
This week was packed full with awesome things! :) So great. Well, let me start off with last P-Day. We went down to Times Square and had a wonderful time! We went all over the place. We went down 5th Avenue, saw Tiffany’s, went to FAO Schwarz (the place with the big piano, from “BIG” the movie), saw the Plaza Hotel (from Home Alone 2), and went to the M&M store. It was soo fun. It was great to be back in the city again, but on the train back to Yonkers, I realized that this is where I’m supposed to be. I love Yonkers! It’s such a neat place, and although it’s less energy than the city, it’s awesome in lots of other ways. I LOVE the people here, and I don’t know, it’s hard to explain– this is just where I’m supposed to be for right now.
So we had another Dia de Naciones this last weekend! Just with our local Yonkers ward. It was so fun. People got up and sang, everybody brought food from their countries, and it was just a blast. This ward is so loving. There’s such a sense of family here, it’s amazing. We had two baptisms this weekend! It was super great. One of them was ours, and the other one was the elders. The ward REALLY came together in a way that I’ve never seen before! There was a full-blown meal provided by the ward afterwards. It was so neat. Jose, our investigator, was soo happy! It made me really happy to see him so happy. Things are also going well with English class. We’ve started passing out a TON of flyers and already there’s more people coming! Hopefully it’ll grow as well as it did in Harlem– I found out they’re up to 70 people a week coming to that English class! They don’t even pass out flyers anymore, and people just keep coming and coming. I’m so glad I got to be a part of starting that program there. What a cool experience that really set the groundwork for me to be able to help other places get started as well.
We had a special visitor this Saturday… Elder Christofferson, one of the 12 Apostles, came and talked to all of us missionaries! :) It was sooo cool. All of the missionaries gathered together and he came and spoke to us. We all got to shake his hand. It was super great to see all of my city missionary friends and to catch up, as well as to listen to an apostle of the Lord! He talked to us about the importance of repentance and the blessing that it is. Such a great experience. Loved it!
One quick experience we had this week– we were knocking a building.The second door we knocked on answered. It was a teenage girl who spoke to us in English, but I saw her mom cooking in the background, and she looked Spanish. I recognized what she was making too, so I asked her (in Spanish). “Are you making papusas?” She nodded, and I said, “I LOVE papusas!” And she said, “Come on in!” She invited us in right then and there and gave us some papusas, which is a super delicious food that they make in El Salvador. She sells them on the street, but she gave us some for free and showed us how to make them. We ended up teaching her a lesson as well, and we’re going to try to go back soon. It was just a tender mercy, especially because I was hungry :) Just kidding.. kind of. It just made me appreciate the Latin culture even more– I absolutely love that she just invited us in and sat us down and fed us. These people are so good at sharing! :) It’s a quality I’d love to develop more.
Well, that’s about all for this week. We’ve got interviews with president in a couple of days, so that should be good. And then transfers are coming up soon, already! We’re all kind of nervous, because there are more Spanish sisters coming in than there are areas, so that means we’ll be opening up areas. So basically, we’ll either be whitewashing (which means opening up a new area) or training. I really hope that I get to train, because that means I’ll get to stay here in Yonkers. :)
Sister Rogers

Today we went to the Manhattan New York Temple.


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