Tender Mercies

18 Oct

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Dear family and friends,
Another great week here in Yonkers! I’m starting to get the lay of the land and recognize streets and houses and such. Plus when I go to church on Sunday, I recognize faces and I’m even starting to remember names! It’s a tender mercy, because that really helps me feel connected with the ward. Part of me had been feeling sad that I wasn’t as close to these people here in Yonkers as I was to the ones in Harlem… but then I realized that I was comparing my relationship of 6 months with the Harlem people with my relationship of 3 weeks with the ones here in Harlem! Definitely not a fair comparison at all. :) So I’m just giving it time and working on remembering people and smiling at everyone I see.
This week, our district participated in something called “Dia de Naciones,” or “Day of Nations.” It was a stake activity that brought all of the latin wards together and had them bring food from their respective countries. There were also cultural performances! We missionaries performed a little song and dance. It was a remix of “I hope they call me on a mission,” with a rap and everything! It was super fun, and I think the people really liked it. :)
Fun fact: This week, my grandparents (Rogers side) were visiting my aunt and uncle and their kids in Ohio. At the same time, my mission president and his wife were also in Ohio to go to a conference. Guess who ran into each other?! That’s right, my mission president and my grandparents! :) They were outside the Kirtland temple, and apparently Grandma and Grandpa approached them (maybe they heard their was a conference of mission presidents there?) and said, “Do you happen to know who the mission president is for the New York New York North mission?” They smiled and said, “Well actually, it’s us!” And they were like, “Our granddaughter is in your mission!!” How crazy is that? What a small world and tender mercy. Sister Morgan gave me a call when they got back and told me all about it. They took a picture on their phone, so I’ll get to see it soon. So cool, right? :)
Funny story from this week/ commentary on one aspect of serving as a Spanish-speaking missionary. In the Latin culture, there’s a little thing we like to call “besitos.” Basically, a besito is the kiss on the cheek that you give to each other when you greet each other and also when you leave. Obviously, sister missionaries only do it to girls. There have been a couple of times when a man has shook my hand and kind of leaned in to give me a besito, but I just lengthen my arm and give a firm handshake and lean back, and it’s all good. There have also been times where I’ve gotten besito-ed by accident, where it just happened so fast I couldn’t stop it. (from men) Well, at English class this week, I had just said bye to a couple of ladies, and was shaking the hand of one of the men, and he leaned in to besito me. It happened pretty quickly, but somehow right before he got to my cheek, I was able to stop it. I said, “Nope!” and leaned back really quickly. It was super awkward and I couldn’t stop laughing afterwards. He just kept on walking and took it in stride. It was pretty hilarious. :)
One last little thing– I saw my city yesterday! We were at a member’s house having lunch, and it turns out that they live right on the Hudson River. We walked out onto their balcony and you could see the skyline! I may or may not have cried. Alright, I admit it. I shed a few tears. It was just so beautiful! I took a picture and have attached it. And… we’re going into the city today! We’re going to Times Square to meet up with some other missionaries and have a good time. So be prepared for some awesome pictures next week!
Well, I love you all and hope that all is well. It’s starting to get cold here… so scary! Everybody be safe and stay healthy! :)
Sister Rogers

One Response to “Tender Mercies”

  1. Veronica Rogers Bailey October 18, 2012 at 3:37 PM #

    Ola Sister Kelly…how neat is that …that Grampa and Gramma met your stake prez. They are so proud of you…as I am, as well. Good to hear you’re embracing Yonkiers. It’s such an all American town…check out the places where “Hello Dolly” was filmed..IF it was filmed in Yonkers, that is…xoxo

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