Sometimes The Messages We Share Aren’t For Who We Think They Are

3 Oct

The City Tower in Yonkers

Dear family and friends,
Well, I have successfully survived my first week in Yonkers! What a change it is from the hustle and bustle of the city. It’s so weird not to be surrounded by sirens, taxi horns and bus sounds. There’s a lot more greenery around too. It’s a nice place. We live by a casino/horse racing thing which is SUPER cool! I got an email from my Grandma Helena today and she told me that my Grandpa Jack used to love going there. It’s kind of cool to think that I’m in the same area my grandpa was! (I never met him because he died before I was born) So even though I’ll most likely never enter into the casino, I get to see it every day when we drive by. :)
The area that we work in has SO many Spanish speakers, at least compared to the area of Harlem I was in. What a wonderful, refreshing relief! :) It’s so great to be able to put my Spanish to good use on a regular basis. We also live with another pair of Spanish sisters, so we speak more Spanish in our apartment than we did when I was in Harlem. To top it all off, I really feel like my Spanish has improved! I’m definitely conversational, on the border of fluent. I’m just working on bulking up my vocabulary, because I’ve finally got most of the grammar down. :) I never thought this day would come, but somehow it has!
Another interesting change about being in Yonkers is the food. The members here feed us almost every night! We usually eat with the other pair of elders that are in our ward, and we just get fed sooo much. The problem is, we don’t walk near as much here as we do in the city… I’m a little bit nervous about that combo, haha. Hopefully I’ll be able to keep my figure. :) This week, we actually got fed by a couple in our ward who are both cops! NYPD.. so legit! The ward members here are very kind, and I’m really looking forward to getting to know them better.
I loooove my new companionship. Sister Richey and Sister Major (both from Utah) also love singing and have beautiful voices. We had a really cool experience this week– we were in a lesson and we sang a song to end. I harmonized on the second verse, and Sister Major added a top harmony on the third. We sounded professional, almost! The Spirit was so strong, and I got goosebumps. Every morning when we sing for companionship study, it’s like blissfulness in my ears. :) I LOVE it! Plus they’re also super nice people, so it’s easy to get along with them. I’m really enjoying it.
So the first thing on my list of things to do here is to revamp English class! We had such great success in Harlem, and I know that we’re going to have the same kind of success here. There’s just a few details that need tweaking, and I know that it’s going to just take off. We have about eight students that come to class regularly as of right now, but with the new efforts that we’re going to be putting in, hopefully that number can double or triple in a few weeks time. I’m so excited to get to work and put into play what we figured out in Harlem. So great.
This weekend, we had the chance to go to the Bronx to listen to the General Relief Society Broadcast, which was super great, and which made me WAYY excited for General Conference this weekend! I am so so pumped. It’s kind of weird to think about how the last time Conference came around, I was singing in it, as a missionary. My second conference as a missionary. So weird to think about! I should be hitting my 8 month mark this week. Soooo crazy! Super freaky. Anyways, I just want to encourage everyone to watch/listen to General Conference! What a wonderful opportunity is to listen to the voices of servants of the Lord. I’m so grateful that we have a prophet on the earth today! How blessed we are to be able to listen to his voice and hear what the Lord wants us to hear. :) If you are interested in watching or listening, it’s this Saturday and Sunday. There are four sessions, and you can go to and click on “Watch General Conference.” If you’ve never seen it before, you’re in for a treat!
We’ve also got some really awesome investigators we’re working with. Jose, a taxi driver, is preparing for baptism later this month. It’s so awesome teaching him because he really gets it– everything we talk about, he understands, has questions, and applies to his life. That’s not something we see terribly often, so it’s definitely refreshing. A cool experience that we had this week– we were knocking a building and were on the first floor, talking to this girl at her door. She wasn’t super interested, but we still kept talking to her and asking her some questions. After we left, this lady who was waiting for the elevator asked us if we had any more pamphlets, and we ended up talking to her and her sister and getting their information so we could set up an appointment later. It was really cool to see how the Lord works that way– sometimes the messages we share aren’t for who we think they are– and there are always people around listening, watching. The ones who are prepared and open and seeking truth are the ones that find it. :)
Well, I hope everyone has a wonderful conference weekend! I love you all and pray for you often.
Con amor,
Hermana Rogers

Me and SIster Major

Sister Richey in the driver’s seat



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