Last Week NYFD, This Week NYPD!

20 Sep

Hermana Rogers working at the Mexican Independence Day Parade

Dear family and friends,
This week was another one jammed-packed with stuff going on! So last P-Day, we went to Chinatown, and boy was that crazy. So many people! It was ridiculous. I also learned that I’m not as good at haggling/ negotiating as I thought… I’m going to have to do some practicing so I can get all the best deals. But I did a couple of NY shirts and a few things here and there. It was a fun adventure. And I saw the Brooklyn Bridge! Finally. I’ve been wanting to see that thing the whole time I’ve been here!
Sister Aguirre and I also had a cool opportunity this weekend! We were meeting up with President and Sister Morgan at the chapel so that he could conduct a baptism interview for one of our investigators, Alfredo. However, Alfredo’s health is pretty fragile and he wasn’t feeling up to making the appointment. So President took us out to dinner instead! We went to Sylvia’s, this famous restaurant that’s right by our chapel. It’s SOUL food all the way, so I went a little crazy and tried fried chicken with waffles… which turned out to be heavenly. Who knew, right??
There was also a dance this weekend for our ward, and a TON of people from English class came! We ended up having to change the days, so I was a little worried that not many people from English class would come since it wasn’t right after class and conveniently upstairs, like we had planned. However, for a little while there, we had more people from English class than from the actual ward! It was nuts. It was sooo fun and I think I have absolutely, 100% fallen in LOVE with the Latin culture– the music, the food, the friendliness, the dancing– it was all just amazing. I was in awe watching and I didn’t want to leave! I really didn’t. It felt like family. Oh, how I love these people so much.
We also participated in the Mexican Independence Day fair, which was over on the east side in the real Spanish Harlem. There were tooons of people there and we ended up handing out a bunch of english class flyers! Then the fair got shut down when this Mexican gang of drunk men started fighting and the cops came… but we got a lot of flyers out before that, so it was all good!
Last but not least, event-wise… oh, the story do I have. It actually happened this morning, so it’s fresh in my memory. Here’s what happened:
Sister Aguirre and I headed downstairs to do laundry (we have laundry in the basement of our building). We’re waiting for the elevator to come, when she goes, “Do you have the keys?” I say, “No, I thought you had them.” Our door is the kind that automatically locks when you close it. Are the dots beginning to connect? If not, allow me: WE WERE LOCKED OUT. No phone, no keys, no nothing. Just my flip flops on, my hair a mess and no way to get in contact with anybody. We say a quick prayer and get to work trying to find a solution. First we start looking for the super. No luck. Then we head around to the outside of the building and see if we can climb up. Sister Aguirre, who’s a pro at rock climbing, climbs up the side of the building and on to the second-story fire escape (we live on the 2nd floor). I had the bright idea to go in through the window where our air conditioning is. (The air conditioning units here are the kinds that stick out the window). So she goes over and straddles the air conditioning unit– super dangerously, I might add–  and pulls the window up. She starts to crawl through the window, but stops. All I see are her legs. She comes back out, looks at me and says, “Sister, that’s not our apartment!”
My mouth drops open. I take a good look at the building, and realize that our window is the one on the other side. Yes, we’ve accidentally just broken and almost entered. Sister Aguirre freaks out just a little. Trying to get down was also a mess. We had to figure out how to release the ladder on the fire escape, which was an adventure in and of itself. So then while we’re contemplating whether to try climbing up the other side, this lady who lives in our building comes up to us and is like, “Let’s go look for the super together. We’ll get something figured out.” So we go to the lobby of our building and there’s this lady there holding a baby. Somehow we make the connection that SHE’s the one whose window we almost crawled through. “I was in the room and I saw the window creeping up,” she told us, “So I grabbed the baby and ran.” She then informs us that she has called the cops and they are on their way…
So we quickly explain to her what happened and apologize profusely and tell her how sorry we are and that it was all a big mix up. The police officers come and everything’s fine. Nobody’s mad, nobody presses charges, but we’re STILL locked out of our apartment. So then I get the idea to go and knock on the neighbor’s doors above us to see if we can get to the fire escape from their apartment (go from the top down, instead of trying to get to the fire escape from the ground). Nobody answers their door. We run into a guy in the stairway and tell him our situation. He starts helping us, and he gets somebody to open up their apartment! He then volunteers to climb down the fire escape and to open our window and tells us to go wait by our door and he’ll come and let us in. And miraculously, he does just that! We were saved, our prayers were answered, and all was well in Zion. Crazy, right?! Needless to say, Sister Aguirre and I were SUPER thankful that it worked out the way it did and now we are overly cautious with our keys.
Is that enough adventure for you? It feels like I’m living in a book or something. The time keeps going by faster and faster, and I’m trying to hold on to every moment and enjoy it. :) Oh! I ran into Jasmine Palmer this week! Isn’t that great? She and Sister McKinnon and I were all in the same room at the same time. It was like a little Barton Creek reunion. :)
Well, just another week in the Big Apple. Thanks for all of the prayers and support and love!
Con amor,
Hermana Rogers

Sis. Aguirre returns to the scene of the crime.


One Response to “Last Week NYFD, This Week NYPD!”

  1. Ronny (Veronica) Rogers Bailey September 20, 2012 at 12:44 PM #

    Good Morning Kelly…your seeing the Brooklyn Bridge. I recall a wonderful documentary on that incredible structure…wherein at some point, the host asked this elderly woman if she saw the moon landing and what did she think? This was in 1969. She said…OH that was nothing, I was here for the opening of the Brooklyn Bridge…So you see, is a magnificent bridge. G-d bless you this day and always..Great Aunt Ronny

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