I Couldn’t Stop Smiling!

18 Aug
Dear Family and Friends,
What a week! It’s been absolutely crazy and awesome and bittersweet all at the same time. Some really great things happening. So first of all, I got to go on a little split with Sister Maldarizzi, the Italian sister I live with, to practice taking over the area. It was super fun! She’s so sweet. Sad news though… with this transfer, the two sisters we live with are moving across town :( It’s super sad. But it will interesting because me and my NEW COMPANION will be living alone in our apartment. Yes, Sister Taylor has been transferred. She’ll be going to Inwood. It’s bittersweet- mostly sweet, though, because we really enjoyed the time we spent together and we’ll be able to see each other at zone conferences and stuff. So she’ll actually be companions with my MTC comp, Sister Kindlespire. Small world!
My new companion is Sister Aguirre. She’s a native Spanish speaker from Mexico, but she moved to Georgia in high school, so she’s fluent in English as well. I’m super excited to serve with her! She’s really sweet and she is going to help me take my Spanish to the next level. :) This also means that I will be taking over the area! So crazy. I will be in charge of where we go and who we meet with, because I’ve been here longer and I know where all of our investigators are at. It’s kind of a lot of pressure, but I think I can handle it. :)
So in AWESOME news…. Yassiris and Lisbeth got baptized this Sunday! Oh… it was just amazing. I couldn’t stop smiling. I’ve decided that my favorite place to watch a baptism from is from inside the font… holding out the towel for when they come out of the water :) It was just amazing. Absolutely great. I sang with Radhaissa, the member whose house we’ve had all our lessons in with Yassiris, “I am a Child of God.” After the whole service was over, Lisbeth turns to me and goes, “Am I a Mormon now?” Haha it was totally precious. I can’t believe that just two months ago, they were just another couple of people we were talking to while we were waiting for the elevator to come and now they’re baptized and regular members of our congregation. It just blows my mind. I absolutely love them with all my heart.
Also… English class is going so well! We’ve got a good amount of new people coming every week, about 30, in total. We’ve been handing out English class flyers out the WAZOO. Yesterday we were out in the Elders’ area holding a sign that said “Clases de Ingles, Gratis!” (Which means free). People pulled over in their cars to get flyers. People knocked on the window of the store we were passing by and we would go inside and hand them flyers. People would pass us, hands outreached, begging for flyers. People ran out of stores after us to get flyers. I felt like the candy man! It was like I was the best person in the world, everybody was smiling at me and looking at me like I had just won the lottery. It was crazy! Too bad every day isn’t like that! Haha. But it was definitely good to know that we’re doing something that’s really helping people. AND the cool thing is that people from English class are actually coming to church! We’ve got a couple that are interested in learning more. We had kind of a missionary dinner the other night with our ward missionaries (/ward moms!) and they had, on their own, without telling us, invited one of the ladies from English class who came to church this Sunday! We ended up having a mini lesson with 3 pairs of missionaries and 4 members of the ward. That’s like unheard of. It was craaazy cool. :)
So yep! Everything’s going great. We’re going to be doing a good amount of finding this week, and I’m sure it’ll be interesting to adjust to having a new companion. :) But I’m really excited about this cycle! I can feel it… this is the cycle where I’m finally going to be fluent in Spanish. I can feel it! :)
Well I love you and miss you all and pray for you daily. Thank you for all of your care and support!
Sister Rogers

One Response to “I Couldn’t Stop Smiling!”

  1. Aunt Christine August 18, 2012 at 6:17 PM #

    Oh Kelly! I cannot stop smiling after reading your letter. You are such an inspiration to me. Our family prays for you daily, and we are so proud of you! I would love to send a package, but it’s soooooo much easier if I know what you need. :0) Maybe you can shoot me an email at Konamom123@yahoo.com and give me some ideas. Love you sweetie! ~Aunt Christine

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