Kelly and Regis!

1 Aug


Hermana Rogers on top of the world with Yasiris, Lisbeth, and Yahaira


Dear family and friends,

Well, another great week here in NYC. As the weeks of summer start ticking to a close, I thank my Heavenly Father every single day for how nice the weather has been to us. I don’t know how the missionaries in Texas do it… I hear it’s suuper hot down there these days. Yikes! But here, we’ve been having lots of rainy clouds/ thunderstorms. We had to take shelter one night this week because we were teaching a lesson in the park and it started POURING. So that was fun! :) Haha.

So this week, we had missionary Sunday! The theme of sacrament meeting was missionary work, and we had a couple of really great talks, and I ended up singing with a member. It was so cool– he’s an opera singer and has an AMAZING voice, and we just sang acapella, “Grande Eres Tu” (How Great Thou Art). It was really fun. And then right after church, there was a baptism of this amazing guy named Mario who the elders have only been teaching for a few weeks now. He might well be the most humble man I have ever met! He’s from Honduras, super sweet, and I just love him to pieces. I also sang at his baptism, so by the end of the day, my voice was tired! :) But it was a really great experience. He just couldn’t stop smiling. :)

And in other AWESOME news… Yasiris set a baptism date! She and her daughter, Lisbeth will be baptized in a couple of weeks. She’s so excited! We were a little worried for a while because her family wasn’t super supportive, but after praying a lot about it, she decided she wanted to be baptized. I could not be more excited! She’s so amazing. I really hope that we’ll stay friends long after the mission. So stay tuned for the story on how the baptism goes! (I’ve attached a picture of us with this email).

Also, Sister Taylor and I had the wonderful opportunity of having dinner at my old young women leader’s house, Sister McKinnon! She and her husband live here in New York, in our area actually, so we went over and had dinner with her one night. It was so great. We also had interviews with President, which went well. He’s such a great man! We are super blessed to have him as president of our mission.

This week I’ve been studying a lot about Christlike attributes, and I’ve learned quite a few things. Mostly the biggest one that hit me that I want to share is about humility– I’m learning that humility isn’t just recognizing your dependence on the Lord… it’s gratefully recognizing your dependence. Hence, I am focusing on gratitude and hoping that will help me with humility :) And of course, patience is all up in that… I’ve come quite a long way patience-wise, but I have so very far to go! Good thing I’ve got a bit of time left out here to get that sorted out. Although I’m starting to realize that it’s a lifelong journey, developing Christlike attributes and improving ourselves. So that helps me have more patience with myself :)

And oh yeah… the coolest news of them all… WE TOTALLY SAW REGIS TODAY!!!!!! We were right outside the temple (66th and Broadway/Columbus) and there he was, walking. Yes, that’s right, Regis– of Who Wants to Be A Millionaire Regis– IN REAL LIFE! Yeah. We freaked out. He walked away too fast for us to get out our cameras though :( But it was so sweet. We also played volleyball for like 4 hours today, and I’m exhausted! Thanks again for all of the love and support. :) Have a good week!

Sister Rogers

Hermana Rogers with Jan McKinnon, her former YW’s Leader. Friends Forever!


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