Proselytising in the Projects

25 Jul

Knocking doors in the Projects of Harlem


Dear family and friends,

Well first of all, I just want to say thank you for all of your weather prayers. Even right after I sent my email last week, I walked outside and out of nowhere, rain was coming down. How great is that? The weather’s been up and down, but the rain that comes keeps us cool, so that’s a nice relief. :) It’s like Utah, the moodiness in the weather, but I’m beginning to appreciate it more. I can’t believe the summer is more than halfway gone! Where did it go?? Craziness.

So this week, all of the missionaries who are in North, Central (that’s me) and South Manhattan all came and gathered with church members from all over Manhattan this past Saturday for the annual day of service! We participated in a big service project at Riverside Park, which is the park right on the Hudson. There were heavy and light weeding crews, as well as painting crews. I picked painting, and what a blast it was! We repainted a playground (with black paint, sadly… poor kids. I wish we could have sneaked some neon green onto the swingsets, but that was a no-go…) Of course, we played a little on the see-saws first :) But it was super fun! I think we got a lot done and the park people really appreciated our help. Plus it was fun to have a nice change of pace.

We also had a really great district meeting this week! We went around and played a unity game where we each said something nice about every person in our district. (It helps that we’ve all been together for 2 cycles now, so we know each other pretty well.) It was so great! That’s definitely a good game to play with family, friends, whatever. Sometimes we forget to thank people for the little things they do and how they help us. In other news… we have our first interviews with President this Friday! I’m so excited. I’ve talked with him a few times, but not extensively, but I just love him to pieces. He’s so great! I’m so excited to get to know him a little better this week.

Nothing too new to report investigator-wise. We’re still working with some great people and having some good success with them. Yasiris and her daughter came to church again this week and we’re meeting with them tonight. She is seriously the funnest! When we sit together in church, I crack up. We laugh at the silliest things and it’s like I’m in middle school again with my best friend. I love it! She’s just such a loving person, and she’s really making amazing efforts to follow God. We also had a lesson this week where we were literally just about to leave– had already besito-ed them goodbye, and were walking towards the door, when they were like, “Wait! Come back! We have to give you some juice!” No kidding. It’s a really big thing with the Latin people, juice. And I’m afraid they’ve got me addicted. I find myself with random craving sometimes…

And now for your weekly trivia facts… this week featuring: the Projects! Did you know…

  • It’s about a 5-10 minute wait for the elevator to come, no matter what floor you’re on. (Usually there’s about 20 floors, so it takes a while for it to go up and down). Oh and PS— if there’s liquid on the floor, don’t step in it and hold your breath if you can (it’s pee, 90% of the time.) Also… elevators break down sooo easily here. So if you only have to go up a few floors, use the stairs.
  • And, when you do use the stairs… hold your breath! Seriously. We find some great people in some of these buildings, but oh, the smells that you find in these stairs and elevators…
  • They have the BEST views from the rooftops. You just have to find one where the alarm doesn’t go off or the door is already open and you’re in for a treat.
  • Oh, and sometimes you have to knock some doors that scare you. (See picture attached.) B


It’s not super glamorous, but hey! That’s the missionary life. And it’s just great. I’m having a grand old time and every day holds something new in it to learn…. but I guess that’s what life is like outside of the mission too, I just never realized it before. I think a day that you’ve learned something new is a day well-lived. :)


I love you all! Have a great week. :)


Con amor,

Hermana Rogers


Knock, knock. Who’s there? I think it’s Mary’s place.



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