Welcome to Harlem and “Noche de Hogar!”

12 Jun
Well, another week has come and gone. It was a pretty normal week, with a few eccentric exceptions (like always!) We found some cool people to teach, and we actually had six people who we’re teaching come to church on Sunday! I think they had a good experience and are planning on coming back again. Later on, during church while people were in Sunday School, we had this man come up to us and start talking to us. He was wheezing and really out of breath and looked so tired, like he was about to fall over. We got him some water and tried to figure out what we could do to help him. He would start talking, mumbling out a word or two, then nod his head a couple of times and fall asleep, then jerk awake, try to talk again, and start sobbing. It didn’t take us too long to figure out that he was probably on drugs, because he was just acting really weird. We tried to get him home, but he wouldn’t tell us where he lived, so we were kind of stuck. Then one of our members passed by and said that he recognized him and that he was in danger of snapping and getting violent because he’s a war vet and his mind goes in and out sometimes. (I’m not really sure if I believe the guy who said he knew him… he kind of tells tall tales sometimes.) But he told us that we needed to call the cops and get him in an ambulance… so we did. The cops came and took him, and of course, as soon as the cops show up, he starts talking in lucid sentences and doesn’t sound or look crazy anymore. Yikes. So they take him away, but then like 20 minutes later he comes back! It was just super crazy and we ended up having to call the cops again, but we didn’t get to hang around to see what happened because we were already late to an appointment. But yeah. Welcome to Harlem! It’s always something :)
This week we also had Zone Conference, my first one in the mission! Zone Conference is basically where everybody in our zone, and a few other zone (comprising of about 50ish missionaries) come together and have a meeting with our mission president. He shared some really great stuff, but it was kind of sad because he’s leaving in a few weeks, and we will be getting a new mission president! I’m sad to see President Smith go, but excited to meet and get to know the new one. We did kind of a question/answer session and talked about some really cool things, like the importance of our agency and how we can teach more effectively. I really learned a lot and have a lot to think about and contemplate now. I also had the opportunity to sing the musical number for zone conference– I got my hands on the sheet music for the song, “The One,” which I sang a couple of times at EFY this past summer. It was really great to be able to sing that song again. I just love it. (If you haven’t heard it, you should check it out! It’s super legit).
Then last night, we had something that we call “Noche de Hogar!”which is basically a big ward Family Night– we had SUCH a good turnout! Tons of members came, and we even had some people who weren’t members show up! We had a lesson and games and some food, and it was just a great success. This 17 year old girl who doesn’t really speak Spanish and who had never been to our church before– she knew one of our members, Sister Olivo, because the girl had dated Sister Olivo’s son before– and so I got to know her a bit. At first I was trying to translate what the lesson was saying to her, but then I realized it would be way more effective for her and I to go out into the hall and I could just teach her in English so that she could ask questions. We ended up talking about a whole bunch of stuff and although we’ll have to pass her off to the English Elders :( it was still really great to teach her and interact with her. I’m reminded again of how much I LOVE working with kids aged 14-18. I absolutely adore them and really feel a connection with them. Talking with her last night really made me miss my EFY kids! I miss and love them so much and I cherish the time that I had to spend with them this last summer.
That’s pretty much it, really! We’re teaching some good people and finding new people to teach. I’m still loving Harlem, more and more every single day. I adore the members and feel such an attachment to them, and I love the other missionaries that I serve with! Sister Taylor and I always have a good time together, and my district and zone are all great. Today we’re all going to Costco together and then going to play a little ping pong. It’s going to be a nice, relaxed P-Day :) Thanks again to everyone for your love and support. I miss and love you all!
Con amor,
Hermana Rogers
PS- Shout out to my brother Mikey who just graduated High School! :) Congrats, bro. Love you.

One Response to “Welcome to Harlem and “Noche de Hogar!””

  1. Veronica Rogers Bailey June 12, 2012 at 11:57 AM #

    Hi Kelly..enjoy your stories…is that the door to your flat? YIKES.
    You’re adorable…
    Great Aunt Ronny

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