I Had My First Real “door-slammed-in-my-face” Moment!

23 May

Well, I can now say that I have officially completed a full transfer! (Which is six weeks, for those of you who aren’t familiar- every six weeks we have something called transfers where people change companions or areas). And I must say, transfers are so hard! Luckily I am staying with my companion, but we lost quite a few of our elders. Two are going home and two got transfered to other places. :\ But we got two new ones, so that’s fun, and I’m sure we will all be good friends in no time. I just already miss the other elders we lost. It’s hard to form close friendships with people and then have everything change and have to kind of start over with new people. It will definitely be interesting getting used to having such constant change every six weeks for the next fifteen months or so.
Part of the culture of the mission is to hold a “funeral” so to speak for the missionaries who are going home. I made a RIP cake for them and also sang “For Good,” from Wicked with one of other elders. It was pretty sweet. Kind of sad, though.
In other news, we had a really cool thing happen in our mission this weekend! Elder Rasband, one of the presidents of the seventy, came down and gave a devotional type thing for us. Everybody in the whole mission came, which is really rare. It’s cool because Elder Rasband served his own mission here and was also the mission president of this mission twenty years or so ago. So he told us some really cool stories about how things used to be way back in the day. It was sweet. Also, I got to see Elder Creighton Hardy! He’s been serving up in Connecticut, and so I haven’t been able to see him, but we finally got to say hi! We were in the same freshman ward and I was really excited that we got called to the same mission. (I’ll send a picture next week because the computer I’m writing from right now won’t let me upload pictures). But it was just a really neat experience to see everybody in the mission and to hear from somebody who knows our mission really well.
This last weekend, one of the other companionships in our district had a baptism! It was really great. And Sister Taylor and I started teaching this man named Cesar. He is so awesome! We met him over a month ago and he’s actually come to church a couple of times, but we haven’t had the chance of teaching him until now. It was seriously such a great lesson! He had tons of questions, and he basically told us how he needed to be taught. He was like, “Now, can you share a personal experience with me of how you’ve seen the Holy Ghost in your life?” Haha, needless to say, most people we teach are not like that. A lot of time it’s a struggle just to keep them involved and caring about what we’re saying, but he was totally the opposite. I have really high hopes for him and am excited to teach him some more!
Well, to end on a funny note, I had my first real “door-slammed-in-my-face” moment. It was so hilarious! We were knocking one of the projects and this lady opens the door, takes one look at us and starts shaking her head, saying, “No, no, no, no, no!” and abruptly slams the door. Sister Taylor and I about died laughing. It was great. Usually people just reject us through the door- they ask who it is and then if they’re not interested they say so and just don’t open up. But this experience was just super special :)
I think that’s about all I’ve got for this week. Things are going great. I’m excited for a new cycle and to kind of have some renewed energy. Sister Taylor and I are getting along superbly. I just love her. I love the people in our ward and the people that we’re teaching and all of the other missionaries. I’m pretty sure that a lot of these friendships that I make here are going to last for a very long time. It’s nice to know that even though I don’t have the chance right now to keep up as I’d like to with all of my other friendships back home, that I can still keep making new friends, both with other missionaries and the people that we meet. It’s like that wherever you are in life, I guess. But I just love getting to know new people and learning from them. That’s what life– and my mission– is all about. :) Well, that and sharing the gospel and the joy that it brings!
Hope you all have a wonderful week! Miss and love you!
Con amor,
Hermana Rogers


2 Responses to “I Had My First Real “door-slammed-in-my-face” Moment!”

  1. Veronica Rogers Bailey May 24, 2012 at 12:00 AM #

    Wow, Kelly………..I imagine they transfer missionaries regularly so you don’t become attached…smart psychology? You’re doing great. Cousin Veronica Roger Bailey\

    • Helena Marko May 25, 2012 at 11:46 PM #

      How dare anyone slam a door in my Kelly’s face. She doesn’t know what she missed. Her loss. Love you.
      Gramma Helena

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