Wearing This Tag is Like a “Talk to Anybody You Want” Pass

2 May

Hola, hola!

Where to start? Another day in the big NYC has come and gone. We had a good amount of interesting experiences this week. We had a mission-wide Sister’s Luncheon up at the mission home, which is something they only do twice a year. We got to ask the mission president questions and we got goody-bags from Bath and Body Works… needless to say, it was a great day. All the city missionaries have been invited to be volunteers at the big Revlon Run event that’s happening on Times Square this Saturday. We’re not usually allowed in Time’s Square, so it will be neat to get to be down there and see all the cool tourist-y sites.

So this week has been kind of frustrating teaching-wise. A lot of our people that we’re teaching have had to cancel appointments or have gone out of town for vacation or things like that. We were kind of bummed Sunday night, feeling like the coming week was going to be really slow and kind of boring. But then on Monday, we had a craaazy awesome day of meeting and finding people! I think we met at least 7 people and got their information to set up teaching appointments and things. PS– talking to people in New York is hard. Not because the people are not receptive, but because there is SO MUCH NOISE here! We’ll be in the middle of talking to someone about a special experience they’ve had with God in their life or something like that, and right at that moment is when the firetruck decides to come down the street, in all of its siren-y glory. So frustrating. There’s always something, some kind of noise. But we learn to work around it– either wait for it to pass or just talk louder. Give you one guess at what I usually do. ;)

I’ve decided that this opportunity is probably the uniquest I’ll ever be able to have in New York, being here serving a mission. Wearing this tag is like a “Talk to Anybody You Want” pass. Because we are automatically and literally labeled as people of the Lord, people don’t look at us too funny when we start talking to them randomly, because they can see it’s part of our “job.” And I ask questions like I never would and get answers that I never could if I didn’t have this tag on. It’s pretty cool.

I had a really neat experience this week. We were standing in the subway station, waiting for the train to come, when a guy in his early twenties approaches me and asks me if I have any kind of religious material I could give him. He saw that I was a missionary and he was looking for some spiritual guidance, so to speak. He talked about how he wanted to get closer to God, how he had tried turning to external sources, but at the end of the day, he just felt empty inside. He wanted that extra strength that comes from a personal relationship with God. I was so happy that I was able to talk with him a bit and although we won’t get to teach him (because he speaks English and we only teach in Spanish), I really hope that he finds what he’s looking for, and that the English missionaries can help him. Those are always my favorite experiences, when people come up to us and ask us for help or guidance or whatever. Another lady stopped us in the street to get us to come and meet with her and her son. A man at the bus stop just this morning approached me and asked me for a Book of Mormon in Spanish! I had one on me, so I was able to give it to him. It’s crazy how many people are watching us even when we don’t even know it. It makes me want to be a better person all of the time!

Quick side note– listen up Dad and everyone else who I’ve ever had to call whenever I’ve been lost– I am now good at directions and navigating. I know, right? We never thought this day would come. But I know my way around the buses, the subways and the streets. It’s like an instinct that kicks in and I know which way to turn. Without even realizing it, I’ve been taking note of my surroundings and I know which way I need to turn. I’m almost a real New Yorker! Haha. Not really. But I’ll get there someday, maybe.

Highlights of the week:

  • The old man who always rides through Central Park with a boom box in a basket in front of him playing the soundtrack from “Annie.” That one definitely made my day.
  • The shirtless, heavily muscled man who picked the middle of the crosswalk (on a concrete stop place in the middle of the road) to do his exercises. He had those stretchy bands and attached them to a big sign and went to town on his workout, headphones on. I saw more than one iPhone out taking pictures… hopefully it got trending on Twitter. It was so funny.
  • The woman we met on the street and talked to who said that she would pray for my companion to meet a nice man to marry while she was here in New York on her mission. Apparently she prayed for her daughter to find somebody too and it totally worked. Sister Taylor put in a few requests (nice, good-looking, etc.) so we’ll see how that goes. :)
  • Teaching a lesson in Central Park! Yeah. That was pretty sweet, not gonna lie.

Anyways. It feels like there are a million and one things that I’m observing every week and I just want you all to know about them! There are so many unique individual things that make up my everyday surroundings and experiences that I’m having. I’m so grateful for all of your love and support and for this opportunity that I have to be here, serving others and learning more about myself and about the great blessing this gospel is in my life. I can’t even describe the peace and strength that I feel from my studies every morning, especially from reading in the Book of Mormon. It really does give me that little kick I need to go out into the crazy, chaotic world of New York City and feel completely safe and completely at peace, and happy. I know that that can be true for anybody, no matter where they are living or what circumstances they are in. The Lord loves us all and wants us to reach out to Him. I know as we do, He will bless us with the things that He knows that we need. I miss you all and I hope that everyone knows how much I love them.

Con amor,

Hermana Rogers




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