Travel Plans Ahead!

2 Apr
Hola familia y amigos!
Oh man. Heads up, this is probably going to be a longer email than usual. There’s just so much to talk about!!
First of all, for those of you who saw the tiny glimpses of me here and there, you will know that I did, in fact, sing in General Conference. It was such a cool experience! It was my first time going to conference live, and it was so neat. I saw lots of general authorities, and it was so neat just to be able to sing in such a big place! As you probably saw on TV, David Archuleta is here in the MTC! He got here this week, and there was a big frenzy among everybody. There have been rumors floating around pretty much the whole time that I’ve been in the MTC that he was either here or coming or already gone, and then for one of those rumors to actually be true? Pretty crazy. He looks like a really nice person, kind of shy. I feel bad because everybody’s always talking about him. But it is kind of cool to see glimpses of a celebrity here and there in our midst. Funny side note– so the intermediate song that everyone sang on Saturday afternoon session was “Called to Serve,” right? I heard a story here recently about somebody’s granddaughter who thought the words were “Awkward, ever awkward.” (INstead of onward, ever onward). I just thought that was so funny, because it’s kind of true about us missionaries. We are quite awkward. :)
This week was also crazy exciting because we got our travel plans! I’m going to have to wake up at like 3:30 in the morning, but I don’t even care. I’m FINALLY going to New York! I am so ready to get out into the field. I’m kind of getting senioritis after being here so long. Hopefully I can plow through this week until next Tuesday and stay productive.
Quick funny thing that happened– yesterday (April 1st), I was walking to/from buildings and saw easter eggs hiding in the bushes along the side of the walkway! I got really excited and opened one, and inside was a piece of paper that says, “April Fool’s.” Oh well. Looks like Easter is next week. Speaking of Easter, I’m super excited because apparently 3 general authorities are going to come and we’re going to have a big easter service, like with the whole MTC. So that will be neat!
Okay, last really cool thing that I want to talk about. We had this AWESOME devotional last night. LIke seriously, probably the best one out of the whole time I’ve been here. It was given by Vai Sikahema– that name is probably familiar to those who follow BYU football. I think he was on the winning team the same time that Ty Detmer was? But now he works as a sportscaster in Philly. ANyways, he was in town for General Conference and some other things and he was invited to come and speak to us. First he showed us some video clips from some news stories that he had done– one of them was him reporting with missionaries singing “Called to Serve” in the background! They had organized a “Mormon Night” for the PHilly’s baseball team and he suggested that the missionaries sing the national anthem. He also did an MTC interview type thing when the olympics were going on in Salt Lake. Point being, he totally takes advantage of his career and mingles it with church stuff and does some really cool things with that. So that was really sweet.
But the most amazing part of the devotional was what happened next. Brother Sikahema showed some pictures from his mission, and talked about a man that he had taught in the back of the store that the man owned. He then invited that man to come up to the stand! Turns out that as part of a mission reunion, he came to see the missionary that had baptized him. Brother Sikahema then invited his old companion up to the stand as well! So there they were, the two missionaries and their old friend who they had taught and baptized back in the day. Brother Sikahema then showed pictures of the man’s (his name was Bob) family– his two daughters and his wife. Then he showed pictures of the two daughters grown up and married, and the pictures of their children. It was such a unique experience to have that visual right there– that when you teach people, it never just affects them. It affects the other people in their lives as well. To see the joy of all of them being united after all this time– it just made me so excited to go out into the field. I can’t wait to meet the wonderful people of New York and form relationships that will last a lifetime with them.
I’m so grateful for this opportunity that I have to serve and to learn. PS– General Conference was SOO awesome. So many good talks. If you didn’t have a chance to watch it, you should go online to and listen to them! You won’t regret it.
Well, I love you all! Wish me luck and pray for me to be able to focus and make it through my last week in the MTC!!
Con amor,
Hermana Rogers

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