A Pretty Sweet Thing

19 Mar
Dear family and friends,
It’s so weird to think that I have only 3 weeks left at the MTC! Now I’m really starting to freak out about my Spanish. I ran into a couple of native Spanish speakers at the temple this morning… let’s just say my Spanish confidence is a little bit shaken. They just talk so fast! But I’ve still got a few weeks to study hard and then once I get to New York, I’m sure I’ll get the hang of it sooner or later! But it was actually a really neat experience to talk with a native speaker and to be able to converse, albeit poorly, was super cool. My companion always reminds me when I get frustrated that we’re learning a new language! We’re communicating in a language that we never have before. Which, when you think about it, is a pretty sweet thing.
Not too much new to report this week. I’m sure once I get out in the field, my weekly emails will be much more jam-packed with information. As of right now, it’s just the same old, same old! But it’s good. I love my teachers, I love my district, and I love that I get to spend so much time learning every day. I’m pretty sure I wear my teachers out with all of my questions, but I figure it’s okay, because we’re here to learn! It’s weird because I was talking with my companions last night and they were saying that it’s kind of a known fact about me that I’m the curious, “intellectual” one. I just thought that was so funny, because usually my friends don’t see that side of me, at least in college, because we don’t really take classes together. Now it’s a part of how my friends in my district see me, because all we ever do is educational stuff. Don’t worry, though. I’m still the “funny” one. At least, I’ve trained my district to give me some kind of pity laugh when I make my corny jokes. That’s progress, right?
Also, thank you SO much for the care packages this week! I seriously felt so loved and I really appreciate all of your thoughts and prayers.
Voy a terminar mi carta en español, porque es diferente y porque yo puedo. Si ustedes quieren saber que estoy escribiendo, quizas pueden usar el Google Translator. Estoy muy agradecida por todos mis amigos y mi familia. Estoy muy agradecida por esta oportunidad de aprender y enseñar el evangelio. Gracias a ustedes para todas las cartas he recibido, y estoy muy emocionada para oir mas de sus vidas. Muchas gracias por sus oracciones y por su amor para mi. Les quieren mucho!
Con amor,
Hermana Rogers

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