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You Say “Pescados,” I Say “Pecados.”

27 Feb
Hello all!
Another week has FLOWN by here in the MTC. I can’t believe it’s P-Day again already! Just another week in the MTC, so nothing crazy to report. But I can give some highlights of the week:
During one of our lessons, my companion told our investigator that they could be forgiven of their “pescados.” This translates into “dead fish” in Spanish. (The word for “sins” is pecados.) The moral of the story? One letter can make a big ole difference! Also, another funny lesson/investigator story. So my companion and I were teaching our “investigator” (we have two investigators, and they’re our teachers– when we teach them, they take on alternate identities, usually of someone they taught in their own mission.) So it was late at night and we were teaching our “investigator,” who is really our teacher, Hermano B. He’s also a student at BYU, and apparently they’re having midterms right about now, so needless to say, he’s been pretty tired. So there we are in the lesson and he starts falling asleep on us! His eyes are drooping, and he’s going in and out of it. I’m trying to save the lesson by asking him questions and making it interactive but he only responds with one word answers. It’s pretty much a lost cause. All of a sudden, my companion busts up laughing. Like uncontrollable, giggly, squealing laughter. So I’m just sitting there, watching as the lesson collapses around me. So the NEXT time we taught him, we went in with a game plan. We brought a mini bottle of water and some really strong mints and offered it to him. He looked surprised and amused, but he took them both and it worked! He stayed awake and we had an excellent lesson. So there’s at least one thing I’ve learned on my mission– adapt! :)
We also had our first experience with the TRC (Training Resource Center) this week. Basically, members come and volunteer to be guinea pigs as we teach them. This was really cool for us because we’re used to seeing the same people every single day, so it was nice to have some new faces and new Spanish speakers to interact with. It went really well! The language is becoming easier and easier. It’s much easier to understand than to speak, though, so that’s what I’m working on the most.
We just got a new district in our zone. What’s so amusing to me is that they seem so young! I know my district has only been here for (3ish) weeks, but I feel like we’re pros at the MTC now. It seems like forever ago that I came into the MTC.
One last tidbit before I sign off– for those of you who know me well, this news is going to be shocking to you: I’ve gotten really into volleyball whilst here at the MTC! Mind-blowing, I know. But it’s great because nobody keeps score and we’re just playing for fun. I play almost every day and I’m finally improving in hand/eye coordination and it’s a great way to exercise and to have fun. Who knew that my mission could make me like sports?! Haha.
Well, thanks again for all of the love and support! I miss and love you all.
Con amor,
Hermana Rogers



21 Feb
Dearest Family and Friends,
First off, I just want to say thank you so much for all of your letters and care packages! I feel so loved and am truly grateful :) I get the feeling that these MTC letters aren’t going to be the most exciting… simply for the main reason that every week is the same schedule! Go to class, eat, go to class some more :) But it’s all good. The Spanish is coming along wonderfully, although sometimes I accidentally mix Harry Potter words in with Spanish… oops! The other day I was looking for the word “light” in Spanish (which is “luz”) and for some reason, I said “lumos.” Yeah.
Every week our Sacrament Meeting is half in Spanish. We missionaries are supposed to write a talk completely in Spanish before Sunday and then during the meeting, right after the Sacrament, the Branch President randomly calls on two missionaries to give the talks that they prepared. I haven’t been called yet, but it was kind of fun writing a talk in Spanish! My district also sang in church this week. We’ve got some really talented people, so it sounded pretty good! Good thing, too, because the main MTC Mission President randomly showed up at our Sacrament Meeting! I got to talk with him a bit afterwards and say hi to him from Grandma and Grandpa– they know him from when they lived in California. So that was a cool experience.
I’m trying really hard not to gain weight here in the MTC– in fact, I have a goal to lose weight! Everybody’s weight fluctuates while they’re here, and I suspect that since I’ll be here for 2 months, I’ll be no different. But I am determined not to gain weight! I am going to defy expectations on this one. The food is really good though, so it takes a lot of discipline. Of course, everything here takes a lot of discipline, so I think I can manage it. One of the elders was talking to another elder one day at lunch and said, “Elder, do you think you can learn Spanish?” “Well, yeah.” “Then you can resist a cookie.” It’s my new motto. :)
It’s so cool to be able to attend two devotionals every week, and to sing in the choir and to learn about the gospel all the time! I’ve recently been reading in Romans– I’ve never read there before, and I’m loving it! I highly suggest reading it, especially Chapter 5. I’m learning a ton, about the gospel, about Spanish, and about myself. It’s great.
I love you all!
Con amor,
Hermana Rogers
PS- I can only write letters back on P-Days (Mondays) so if you send me a letter during the week, just know that I will write you back as soon as I can (the following Monday!)

First Week at the MTC

21 Feb
Hola familia y amigos!
I can’t believe that this time last week I was on a plane coming to Provo. It seems like FOREVER ago, and it hasn’t even been a full week that I’ve been here in the MTC! Everything here is totally and completely overwhelming, but it’s nice to know that everybody else is going through the exact same thing that I am.
So what is the MTC like, you might ask? Well, it’s pretty much a super intense version of EFY, my freshman year of college, and Aspen Grove all combined into one. The food here is the same as the Cannon Center, which is where I ate my whole freshman year. Plus, we’ve got community bathrooms, so there’s another similarity. Add in the fact that all of the boys are 19 and I’m right back in Helaman Halls. I’m reminded of Aspen Grove because when we do service, we do cleaning of our buildings (May Crew, anyone?) Mostly, the MTC reminds me of EFY– there are workshops and you talk about the gospel all the time… and you can’t go to the bathroom by yourself. So basically, I’m a participant without the perks of being a counselor :P
Seriously though, even though there are lots of similarities to those things… the MTC is so different than what I ever could have imagined! Every single minute of our days are scheduled. It’s crazy. Also, we only really have music on Sundays and Tuesdays… I never thought I’d be such a fan of MoTab, but hey– they say a mission changes you, right? It’s already happening.
I room with three other sister missionaries besides myself– my companion, Sister Kindlespire, and the other two sisters in our district, Sisters Slater and Noble. They’re really great and we all get along so well! My companion is from Pleasant Grove, Utah, and she is so great! My favorite thing about her is that she’s really patient with me and my small bladder. :)
Okay, so here are the highlights/ typical day stuff: We are in one classroom for 6-8 hours a day. SO MUCH SPANISH. I eat, sleep, drink, and breathe it. But I have to say, learning Spanish has got to be my favorite part. I’m remembering and comprehending the language way better than I thought I would. The speaking… well, my vocabulary isn’t where I’d like it to be, but I’m working on it. Most days are just filled with lots of Spanish and gospel classes. We even have a (mock) investigator! We teach her lessons every other day or so. We have breaks to go to the gym throughout the week, so that’s pretty great. Sundays are probably my favorite, because we get tons of music and we get to hear devotionals and all that good stuff. I participate in choir (of course) and that’s a really good time as well.
I sure do miss everybody! This week has been quite an adjustment, but I think I’ll start getting used to it pretty soon. :) I can’t wait to learn more Spanish and to grow stronger! (Quick side note: PLEASE send me DearElders! You just go to and click on the Provo MTC (FREE) button. It’s free AND I get it the same day that you send it.)
Sorry there aren’t any pictures– I don’t have a way to upload them while I’m in the MTC. Much love to everyone!
Con amor,
Hermana Rogers